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Austrian Racewalking 
National Championships

Event Overview

This year the Austrian Racewalking National Championships will be held in Vienna, in the famous Prater park. What better place than that right? The Prater is the house of the iconic Wiener Riesenrad, the giant ferries wheel you often see on pictures of Vienna. Hopefully I'll have time to ride it and take some nice shots from above, but between covering the race and the time I'll spend trying to eat a whole Stelze will be a complicated task.

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The track is a 1km loop which takes you along a little lake underneath huege trees in the most famous pac in Austria, the Prater. So ou will be walking in a very prettty area sourrounded by wonderful anture. The track is in genral on asphalt not very flat al the time and at some spots uneven but the sourrounding is definlty a bonus. 

I do not think there is a prize to win but a medal.  The  racewalking community is very lovely and welcoming in Austria. So if you never raced there you should go for it and experience their hospitalty and kindness. 

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