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Moin Moin; 24hrs in Hamburg

 Moin Moin for 24 hours in Hamburg An important thing when traveling somewhere for a short amount of time, other than knowing where to go, is knowing how to greet, especially in Hamburg City. On this post we'll cover how to greet and what to do if you are stranded for 24hrs in Hamburg. I'm

Hamburger Bacchanal

 Hamburger Bacchanal Moin Moin this how we greet in Hamburg and not Ciao, Hamburg is not a carnival city at all, it's bloody cold, grey and windy, even people are C O L D. That's why it is called the cold north in Germany. It could easily be one of the kingdoms of the Game of

A Star is Born: From Bagan to Hollywood

နေကောင်းလား။ (hello in Burmese, don't ask me to pronounce it because I forgot). Today I'll tell of the time I was a movie star. It all happened in a city called Bagan in Myanmar, famous for its temples... [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1485,1494,1495,1496,1497,1498,1499,1500"] I was traveling with a group of people I met along the way in Thailand

What’s Green and Flies Through the Universe?

When I travel I'm always faced with the same problem; Is it that I can't find the way back to the hostel and sit in a corner to cry? Is it the impossibility of finding a supermarket where I can use all my coins to buy bread and tomato? No! My biggest problem is finding

On First Times and Beer – U Medvidku

This is the first post about food, so I guess it's only fair that I tell you about my first time. It was far from magical, I can still remember the exact moment when he told me "Here, take it!", it felt like an order, I didn't ask for it. But I took it, it

You say silky I see prickly

It was another wonderful day in the Cidade Maravilhosa aka Rio de Janeiro.  And that particular day I decided to go for a  walk with my friend  along the Guanabara Bay, from Botafogo to Flamengo. There was an art instalment by the artist JR for the Olympic Games in the Bay and on a building we wanted to check out.

The Devil’s Throat Devils

When I planned my trip to Southern Brazil and Argentina one of the stops was obviously the amazing Iguazú Falls. My first stop was in Puerto de Iguazú on the Argentinian side. There are two things about  Puerto Iguazú, that could make you cry: The mighty Iguazú Falls The Coati My visit to the falls

88 Minutes in Paraguay

In September I was in Foz do Iguaçu, a small Brazilian city bordering Paraguay and Argentina, famous for its amazing waterfalls, The Iguaçu Falls (I'll write a post about them in the future) and for being the "gate" to the thriving duty free blackmarket in Paraguay. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1097,1098,1113"] That morning my Couchsurf friend woke me up asking

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