European Athletic Championship U23 – 20km Men

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European Athletic Championship U23 – 20km Men

  It felt good to be in the stadium as one of the first ones  when a technical problem came up. It took 5 minutes to fix the problem . I saw the excitement in each face and some smiles in between them Dominik Cerny from Slovakia he was bloody smiling all over the place

European Athletics U23 Women

Today, a week ago the European Athletic Championships U23 took place in Bydgoszcz - Poland and it was my first EAC ever. Guys, I loved it although I wasn't VIP but still there was free coffee and twice a day some biscuits for all 52 photgraphers, press and makeup, in total we were around 70

Polish National Championship Nowa Deba 2017

Polish National Championship Nowa Deba 2017 I just can not help it. Time has never been on my side but let me tell you that I will try again for the next time to publish earlier. I think I need to learn how to read the time I guess my watch is just useless. Now

Polish National Championships: Who is coming?

Polish National Championships: Who is coming? Welcome to Nowa Deba, What?!  You've never heard about this place? You Should remember this place! Well this beautiful little town is located in the south of Poland about 183km east of Krakow and definitely  worth a visit especially for the National Championship in the discipline 20km racewalking. At

Podebrady Racewalking 2017 Pictures

Podebrady Racewalking 2017: 20km Women

Podebrady Racewalking 2017: 20km Women The weather was fantastic, not a drop of rain unlike the day before of the race. I couldn't have been luckier, rain would have ruined the race for you and my chances of taking decent pics. I was blessed throughout the whole day. But there was a moment were I felt a

Dudince Racewalking 2017 Pictures

Dakujem Dudince!

Dakujem Dudince! A racewalking event like the Dudince Racewalking wouldn't be possible without the valuable help of the volunteers. This includes the little "elves" giving water and sponges to the racewalker and the whole organization team. The parents/ teachers who watch the kids and the judges who come from 4 different countries. The security, the medical, the Dudince organization

Dudince Racewalking 2017 Pcitures

Dudince Racewalking 20 km Highlights

Dudince Racewalking 20 km Highlights From Pro to Amateur in 5 seconds After taking pictures for 6 hours I felt a bit like a pro in the world of sport photography. Alas, there was a still so much I didn't know. I discovered the "Call Room" where every racewalker has to go to and pick

Dudince Racewalking pictures

Dudince Racewalk – Teaser

Dudince Racewalk - Teaser Just a quick cellphone update with a couple of picture from the first half of the race. Proper pictures coming later today, stay tuned. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2788,2787,2786,2785,2780,2775,2776,2777,2778,2779,2784,2783,2782,2781"] If you wanna follow the race live (not a video streaming) click HERE 

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