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Naumburg International 
Racewalking Competition

Naumburg International Racewalking

Event Overview

 The first time Naumburg oragnized this event was back in 1953 since then, it's become an international fixture in the racewalking calendar. Naumburg is a small town located 50km west of Leipzig, I've never visited it, so I'm looking forward to exploring the place and drinking a pint of a gold old German beer, after covering the race obviously. This year they are holding a 50km in addition to the regular 20km. More details about the race can be found here: Race Manual 

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The Circuit

The track is a circuit which is 1 km long and takes you along an alley covered with big trees, so on a sunny or rainy day you are going to be bit covered. The track is flat and has one big turn which takes you around a roundabout and the other turn is a bit tight. Overall a good track, sometimes they extend the track for 1 km and make it two.

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