The first time I heard about racewalking was back when I was a child  at the age of 8, all I knew was that they walked “funny”. Around 20 years later I met someone who actually makes a living of it, me imagining him wiggling his bum for a living put a smile on my face.
But looking closer and finding out about his story I realized I was an utter ignorant about this sport.
Something had to be done, so I took it upon me to learn and that’s how this “project” came to be.
I’ll be travelling to races around Europe and document everything about the events. From organization to volunteering and obviously getting to know the “funny” racewalkers.
Looking behind the scene of the Racewalking world is my goal and document it, as an outsider, will be awesome.
So please, come along and let’s learn together about this rather unknown world as I take pictures, interview and get familiar with racewalkers from all over the world.
Who knows maybe I’ll be a racewalker soon….sometime when I drop half my body mass…

To find out more about the races and places I’ll be covering, click on the images below.


Learn more about racewalking here







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