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Nowa Deba 
Polish National Championship

Event Overview

South of Poland around 100km east of Krakow lies this little town called Nowa Deba. It is actually in the middle of nowhere but only one hour away is the huge international airport called Rzeszow. Nowa Deba might be the new Podebrady one day. It is a quite a new event created by Grzegorz Sudol and for the last years it has been a success indeed.

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The track is a circuit but the differnce to all the other circuits is that the track/ loop is a bit longer than 1 km so every meter has to be calculated. During the competitions time will not be tracked by a tracker but only by people holding the stop watch.

Nowa Deba is the place where the seniors will fight on 20km for the title Polish Champion.

Here you can see a 1-minute video about the race 2017 in Nowa Deba.

Come and get a piece of this big amount of cash you could win. Beside some cash ( -10% tax) and vouchers from sponsors you also get a tabel cloth.  





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