A Hearty Nomad

GP Premio 
das Galinheiras

Event Overview

It is the 24th Grand Premio das Galinheiras and each year it takes place in a suburb of Lisbon. I have never been to this type of race as it is a 1,2,3 and 5 km track outdoor race but I heard that this race is very special. So I bought my ticket and make my way down here next friday. I am very curious about the whole event and bty I love blue tracks.

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Take the yellow line and get off in AMEIXOEIRA! Make sure to be on time!

A 400 m outdoor track.


14:00 1000m
14:15 2000m
14:40 3000m
15:10 5000m Female
16:00 5000 Male

Trophies and medals and maybe something else, who knows.

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