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Dudinská Päťdesiatka/ 
Dudinská 50

Event Overview

The official name of this race is Dudinská Päťdesiatka or Dudinská 50 (Fifty kilometres of Dudince) it is held annually in Dudince, Slovakia. Dudince is a small spa town (looking forward to try it), closer to Budapest than it is to the Slovakian capital, Bratislava. HERE you can find out more about this picturesque place, I'll later write about my experience there as it's going to be my first time visiting it.

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What we can say about the track is that it goes slightly uphill on the way back to the finish line, you fell it right after some kms but not in the beginning. The track is even though and not bumpy at all.

I should not forget to say that there’s a money price for the winners, all those details can be found on the race manual in case you are interested to see how this works.

Just click here: RACE MANUAL

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