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Define paradise

 Define paradise!  When you hear the word paradise what comes to mind? Is it Coldplay -Paradise; or a brothel in Hamburg or maybe Coolio - Gangster's Paradise, by the way I shook his hand in Times Square but didn't ask for a pic because I thought it was uncoolio (see what i did there?). [caption id="attachment_2153" align="aligncenter"

Tacacá do Norte; A Slimy and Tingling Experience

Have you ever started to eat something liquid that slowly becomes a thick slimy mess? That's how I would describe my culinary adventure with Tacacá, at Tacacá do Norte in Rio de Janeiro. We had spent all day at the beach, were starving and feeling adventurous, the locals had recommended us a restaurant in the district

You say silky I see prickly

It was another wonderful day in the Cidade Maravilhosa aka Rio de Janeiro.  And that particular day I decided to go for a  walk with my friend  along the Guanabara Bay, from Botafogo to Flamengo. There was an art instalment by the artist JR for the Olympic Games in the Bay and on a building we wanted to check out.

The Devil’s Throat Devils

When I planned my trip to Southern Brazil and Argentina one of the stops was obviously the amazing Iguazú Falls. My first stop was in Puerto de Iguazú on the Argentinian side. There are two things about  Puerto Iguazú, that could make you cry: The mighty Iguazú Falls The Coati My visit to the falls

88 Minutes in Paraguay

In September I was in Foz do Iguaçu, a small Brazilian city bordering Paraguay and Argentina, famous for its amazing waterfalls, The Iguaçu Falls (I'll write a post about them in the future) and for being the "gate" to the thriving duty free blackmarket in Paraguay. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1097,1098,1113"] That morning my Couchsurf friend woke me up asking

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