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Babies come from Alcala

Babies come from Alcalá About 34 km north of Madrid there's  a small town called Alcalá de Henares. It is a very lovely place and a college town, without the students, I simply did not spot any. Anyhow, this city is famous for Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. And he's the reason why I visited

Porto, beyond the booze

 Porto, beyond the booze It was my second time in Portugal but first time in Porto and I have to say Portuguese sounded to me like a Russian trying to speak Spanish but traveling to Porto made me fall in love with this language.  I fell in love with the city, granted, being a huge Harry Potter's fan[1 see

Rolling Down The Way of St. James

Rolling Down The Way of St. James   It was my 4th day and I remember it clearly, my 4th day on my Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) I was wishing I was dead already. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2517,2518,2520,2522,2523"] I had only walked 100 km still had 900 to go. Goddamnit! It seemed like a great idea on

Candy Crush, Ghent Edition

What would motivate you to visit  Ghent in Belgium?  For me it is a question with three answers: 1. "Praline" 2. Bar with the biggest beer selection 3. The Cuberdon shop [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2330,2331,2332,2335,2336"] No. 1 the "Praline", a filled chocolate was invented by Neuhaus a pharmacist who wanted to cover the awful taste of medicine, with

Cologne Carnival 2017

 Cologne Carnival 2017 Alaaf, A greeting during Carnival in Cologne and Carnival in this city with over 1 million visitors on Rose Monday is not only the second biggest party in Germany after the famous Oktoberfest in Munich obviously. But also one of the biggest carnivals after Rio de Janeiro, Venice and New Orleans. Carnival

Moin Moin; 24hrs in Hamburg

 Moin Moin for 24 hours in Hamburg An important thing when traveling somewhere for a short amount of time, other than knowing where to go, is knowing how to greet, especially in Hamburg City. On this post we'll cover how to greet and what to do if you are stranded for 24hrs in Hamburg. I'm


"...somethin' is brewin' and 'bout to begin." Dear readers, After a meeting with our staff and editors (the hamster and the voices in my head), we have decided to make some changes in our posting schedule. You may have noticed that our last post was on Friday, I was supposed to post this last week,

Hamburger Bacchanal

 Hamburger Bacchanal Moin Moin this how we greet in Hamburg and not Ciao, Hamburg is not a carnival city at all, it's bloody cold, grey and windy, even people are C O L D. That's why it is called the cold north in Germany. It could easily be one of the kingdoms of the Game of

A glorious hole in a wall in Sevilla!

 A Glorious Hole in a Wall in SevillE! Who doesn’t love a hole in a wall? Many people do for different reasons, some dirtier than others, but that’s besides the point. The kind of hole I’m talking about is those tiny restaurants or bars that more often than not have great food and drinks at

What the duck, Amy?

Salut mes amis, When I talk about France people do not think immediately about Lyon but let me tell you this city is wonderful. It's less touristy, very chilled, romantic and young. However, the day I went I almost ended up sleeping under a bridge, but I'll tell you that story some other time. [gallery

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