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How You Say Geronimo in Laotian?

ສະບາຍດີ (sába̖ai-di̖ior hello in Laotian) my friends, Imagine there's a place where there's no police. Where you cannot get in trouble, a place where crime doesn't exist. You may think I make it up, but such a place really exists. It sounds like a deleted part of the famous John Lennon song, Imagine. [gallery type="rectangular"

A Star is Born: From Bagan to Hollywood

နေကောင်းလား။ (hello in Burmese, don't ask me to pronounce it because I forgot). Today I'll tell of the time I was a movie star. It all happened in a city called Bagan in Myanmar, famous for its temples... [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1485,1494,1495,1496,1497,1498,1499,1500"] I was traveling with a group of people I met along the way in Thailand

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