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Naumburg International Racewalking
The first time Naumburg oragnized this event was back in 1953 since then, it’s become an international fixture in the racewalking calendar.

Naumburg is a small town located 50km west of Leipzig, I’ve never visited it, so I’m looking forward to exploring the place and drinking a pint of a gold old German beer, after covering the race obviously.

This year they are holding a 50km in addition to the regular 20km and the schedule is as follows:

-9:30 AM:  50km Men/Women International – 20km Men/Women German Champs and International.

More details about the race can be found here: Race Manual 

Naumburg Racewalking 2017 : 10km Boys & Girls

Naumburg Racewalking 2017 : 10km Boys & Girls You may be thinking I forgot about you but I did not. The 10km were always in the back of my mind but beer got on the way. It was my dad's 60th birthday and Hamburg's Harbour Birthday. Two Big events I could  not miss and with age the

Naumburg Racewalking 2017

Naumburg Racewalking 2017 : No. 1’s

Naumburg Racewalking 2017 : No. 1's The last race of the day in Naumburg was the 1km race with kids and handicapped. And I have to admit I am always looking forward to this type of races as they really make me happy and it is so much fun to observe the kids. It is

Naumburg Racewalking 2017

Racewalking Naumburg 2017 3 & 5KM!

Racewalking Naumburg 2017 3 & 5KM! That day was really good and I got some nice pictures. I also got the chance to talk with Steve Allen who was really interested in how I got into racewalking. We exchanged ideas and had a nice chat. As you know I am an outsider and up to

Naumburg Racewalking 2017

Racewalking Naumburg 2017 Water please!

Racewalking Naumburg 2017 Water please! As most of you know I love the water station and for me it's also the funniest part as everyone makes funny faces. I love the moment when the racewalkers drink out of the bottle and  look into the camera like the have been spotted they did something wrong. I

Naumburg Racewalking 2017: 20km

Naumburg Racewalking 2017: 20km As you know each race is different, you feel different, it is a different location, different people, different weather, different mood and most of it is different each time and for me it was different as well. I get to meet  new people see different places,  capture a different face with a tear or

Naumburg RACEWALKING 2017: 50KM

Naumburg RACEWALKING 2017: 50KM Today I will show you some pics of the one who walked 50 km. We had two who did not finish, one who got disqualified and one who only wanted to walk 35 km instead of 50 km. The rest so 4 out of 8 finished successfully. As I read on

Naumburg Racewalking 2017: Warmup and Groups

Naumburg Racewalking 2017: Warmup and Groups  Welcome to Naumburg, sorry for the delay but this time took longer than usual to filter, retouch, choose the ones where you are not making "funny" faces (we all have a reputation to keep ;)) and sort them into categories. As usual I'll start with some pictures from before

Naumburg 2017 Who is coming

Naumburg 2017 Who is coming My fourth  race is about to happen, I am glad  this one will be held  in Germany and I hope for the weather like last year. I heard it was wonderful, probably not for the racewalkers but the rest ;) It is not all about you guys we all should have

Racewalking in Europe

European Racewalking Tour

European Racewalking Tour Some of you may have noticed a new section on the main menu, Racewalking. I'm always looking for new projects to go along with my traveling and this time I decided to take on a sport. Yeah, you read it right, even though I'm not a sporty person, this isn't your regular

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