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Who thought that I will make it to this event but here I am. I planned to do as it covers not only Racewalking but also other disciplines, so it is another way of perfecting my “skills”.

The last European Athletics took place in 2004 and it was about time to do again in this cute little city.

Bydgoszcz lies a few hours south of Gdansk and a couple of hours east of Germany. People ” my friends”say Bydgoszcz is not worth a visit but I digress it is a nice little city who offers cold beer and delicious food cheap and with great service. Visiting Bydgoszcz is 100 % worth it.

The racewalking competitions starts on Sunday 16 July 2017 at

  • 9 am 20 km Racewalk men
  • 11 am 20 km Racewalk Women

The first and last kilometer will be walked in the stadium the others will be walked outside the stadium.

Call room

  • Men’s 20km Race Walking (Sunday, 16 July) from 8:20 to 8:35
  • Women’s 20km Race Walking (Sunday, 16 July) from 10:20 to 10:35

Saturday 18 pm is a tour about the track in front of the call room.

The warm up area is next to the call room.

If you want to know more about the race read the Manual HERE

Medal Ceremony starts at 14-07 pm for men and 14-12pm women. It is all perfectly timed here in Poland.

If there are other events that might interest you than click here for the Timetable

This will be a total new experience and I will have lots of fun and to all the Racewalkers all the best of luck!

European Athletic Championship U23 – 20km Men

  It felt good to be in the stadium as one of the first ones  when a technical problem came up. It took 5 minutes to fix the problem . I saw the excitement in each face and some smiles in between them Dominik Cerny from Slovakia he was bloody smiling all over the place

European Athletics U23 Women

Today, a week ago the European Athletic Championships U23 took place in Bydgoszcz - Poland and it was my first EAC ever. Guys, I loved it although I wasn't VIP but still there was free coffee and twice a day some biscuits for all 52 photgraphers, press and makeup, in total we were around 70

Bydgoszcz 2017: Who is coming?

The European Athletics U23 Championships in Bydgoszcz is the biggest one I ever attend to. Right now I am sitting in the media centre, going through the pics that I shot yesterday. Luckily I saw some racewalking faces aswell. Some recognized me and waved or came over  and chatted to me. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="10907,10905,10908,10909,10910,10920,10921,10922,10923,10924,10912,10938"] Volker

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