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I am happy to announce that I will be going to Podebrady for the European Racewalking Cup 2017, my first time going to a sports event ad big as this one.
It takes place every 2 years somewhere in Europe, in 2015 was in Murcia, Spain and in 2019 we just found out it will be in Alytus, Lithuania (I’ll be there in about a month for a different race).
It is a big thing and I am bloody excited, nevertheless I’ll try to be profesional. Well I did not qualify to race but to shot for you!
Here’s the promo video to get you in the mood:

Also check out some pics of the making off HERE!

In April I had the pleasure to see a race in Podebrady, got to see the circuit and the city, also meet some awesome people. I loved it so much that  I decided to go back. Christopher Linke and other athletes recommended me to come as it will be a fun event. I followed their advice.

For more info about the race click HERE for the Manual!
There is a list of all the winners who raced in Podebrady since 1929 check it out aswell here but simply click on the website and check it out.
They have a cool program for the whole family.

European Racewalking Cup 2017

For al the info about Podebrady, the race manual, etc. click HERE!

And here is the timetable:

08:00 50km Men Final
10:00 10km U20 Men Final
11:20 10km U20 Men Medal Ceremony
11:30 10km U20 Men Team Medal Ceremony
13:00 20km Women Final
13:30 50km Men Medal Ceremony
13:40 50km Men Team Medal Ceremony
16:00 20km Men Final
16:30 20km Women Medal Ceremony
16:40 20km Women Team Medal Ceremony
18:00 10km U20 Women Final
18:10 20km Men Medal Ceremony
18:20 20km Men Team Medal Ceremony
19:20 10km U20 Women Medal Ceremony
19:30 10km U20 Women Team Medal Ceremony

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