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The 43-asis Tarptautinis Sportinio Éjimo Festivalis “Alytus 2017” in English (43rd International Race Walking Festival)  held annually in Alytus, Lithuania.
I read that this event has been created just about 4 decades ago when 19 athletes from Alytus, Birštonas and Druskininkai took part in this event. Founder and organizer Kastytis Pavilonis is the reason why this event exists. Since 1975 it is a growing event and internationally becoming more important in the racewalking community.

Alytus is a little city east of Vilnius the capital of Lithuania.
HERE you can find out more about this picturesque place, I’ll later write about my experience there as it’s going to be my first time visiting Lithuania ever although I have a Lithuanian friend and met already the Lithuanian national team at the other races never made it until now!

The race will be held on Friday, June 9th, and the program for the main races is as follows:

– 3:00 PM: 1 km Girls and Boys (b. 2004 and younger)
– 3:10 PM:  3 km Girls and Boys (b. 2002-2003), Veterans Women
– 3:30 PM:  5 km Youth Girls (b. 2000-2001), Veterans Men
– 5:00 PM:  Opening Ceremony
– 5:30 PM:  20 km Women, 10 km Junior Women (b. 1998-1999)
– 5:35 PM:  20 km Men, 10 km Junior Men (b. 1998-1999) and Youth Men (b. 2000-2001)
– 7:30 PM:  Closing Ceremony

Here are some info on the track:

Racewalking Alytus 2017

As usual I would like to cover al the races and the smaller races in between and interview the fans, coaches, athletes and legends as they are everywhere, especially those we have to thank this event exits.

There is also some cash for the winners. Find here some more info about the race, just download the: RACE MANUAL
I also found out that they track the best records in Alytus since 1975.
Quite interesting and who knows who is going to be next on the list.
Maybe you!

Alytus Racewalking Festival 2017: 10 & 20km Men

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