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The XXXI Gran Premio Cantones de La Coruña de Marcha Atlética in English (26th International Race Walking Grand Prix)  held annually in A Coruna, Spain.
A Coruna lies in the north-west of Spain.
HERE you can find out more about this city. The first time I visited this place was after my Camino de Santiago and A Coruna treated me very well.
Besides some racewalkers told me that this is the perfect circuit and the weather conditions are good although it can get windy. In 2015 Liu Hong from China, broke the women 20km world records, 1h24:38, fast even for the guys. I guess it is not the worst place in Spain to race as it  can get really hot that’s why the competition is so late.

The race will be held on Saturday, June 3rd, and the program for the main races is as follows:

– 6:30 PM:  20 km Women
– 6:50 PM:  20 km Men

Here are some info on the track:

A Coruna Racewalking 2017

Obviously there is money to win and this time it is much bigger then what I saw before.  So keep walking fast if you want to get it.

For some more information  about this IAAf race, just download the: RACE MANUAL

And if you want some more information about the race etc  click HERE if you speak Spanish though.

Good luck my Racewalkers!


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