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Bratislava: Learning How To Cook

Imagine cooking with strangers. No, I don't mean inviting them over to your house where you cook for them like the "Das Perfekte Dinner" (a German show) and everyone rates your food in the end, but going somewhere to cook with a group of strangers. That's exactly what I did in Bratislava, the best choice of that

Baledas, A Honduran Delight.

Baleada or "She who was shot"  Baleada, Strange as it may sound is the name of a meal, one of Honduras' national treasures, culinarily speaking. [caption id="attachment_2485" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Basic Baleda[/caption] It's a flour tortilla, served like a wrap (blasphemy! wraps are not even close to how good these things are), filled with fried beans,

Candy Crush, Ghent Edition

What would motivate you to visit  Ghent in Belgium?  For me it is a question with three answers: 1. "Praline" 2. Bar with the biggest beer selection 3. The Cuberdon shop [gallery type="rectangular" ids="2330,2331,2332,2335,2336"] No. 1 the "Praline", a filled chocolate was invented by Neuhaus a pharmacist who wanted to cover the awful taste of medicine, with

A glorious hole in a wall in Sevilla!

 A Glorious Hole in a Wall in SevillE! Who doesn’t love a hole in a wall? Many people do for different reasons, some dirtier than others, but that’s besides the point. The kind of hole I’m talking about is those tiny restaurants or bars that more often than not have great food and drinks at

Tacacá do Norte; A Slimy and Tingling Experience

Have you ever started to eat something liquid that slowly becomes a thick slimy mess? That's how I would describe my culinary adventure with Tacacá, at Tacacá do Norte in Rio de Janeiro. We had spent all day at the beach, were starving and feeling adventurous, the locals had recommended us a restaurant in the district

On First Times and Beer – U Medvidku

This is the first post about food, so I guess it's only fair that I tell you about my first time. It was far from magical, I can still remember the exact moment when he told me "Here, take it!", it felt like an order, I didn't ask for it. But I took it, it

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