About Us

When people ask me, “How you manage to travel as much as you do?”
I have the feeling they don’t mean to say: “I’m so inspired by the how you travel”, but: “How the hell you manage to travel?!”

Thing is, I may have the attention spam of Dug (Dog from Up), never know where I place my things and I’m always broke. But I love trying my luck and what better way to do it than getting into a fight with spider monkeys in the jungle for a place to sleep. Or the time I ended up in the middle of the burning Ghats of Varanasi.
In both cases showing my Shaolin fighting skills (that I may or not have learned from a plane movie) to avoid getting eaten or mugged respectively.

Up to this day I’ve always managed to make it back home to scare the life out of my parents by reliving my stories. Now they’ve learned, they don’t ask about my trips anymore. Instead, find out when I give them all the postcards I meant to send while traveling but never did  because of the “Having breakfast vs Buying stamps” debate, and you know, food always comes first.

Maybe I should have welcomed you first and thanked you for visiting, but we are close friends now, so formalities aren’t necessary.
However, my Editor in Chief (not one of the voices) insists I should tell the world why I’m blogging.

I wonder if the world cares, I’m  just a man with a hamster in his head and no filter in his mouth.  A man whose biggest dream is to eat for free. I’m a man with dreams and I work for them to become true that’s why waiters hide when they see me, they know I’ll ask for freebies.

So if you wanna know what happens when I let the hamster take over, follow us. Who knows, maybe I even throw traveling tips and things like that.

Thanks for stopping by and procrastinating with us,
A Hearty Nomad

PS: I don’t think I told you why I’m blogging after all. Joke’s on you, Anna Wintour wannabe!