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Porto de Mós, Who is coming?

Porto de Mós, Who is coming?

Happy New Year, to all of you,

let the year start with a National Championship. 

As usual we do a “Who is coming?” post for this event and I am sure you know some of them personally. For example Lola from Spain who I saw the last time in Grottammare where she dropped out because of injury.  And we also have someone from England who will be racing 50km, Jonathan Gibbs. Pedro Martins and Olimpian who competed in Sydney 2000 and in Greece 2004 50km distance who will be racing 35km this time and who was a few times already a Champion. Ines Henriques will be competing 35km and wants to break the record, lets wish her luck. 

I am personally looking forward to Portugal as I am planning to travel for the next 6 weeks through this magnificent country. And my trip starts in Porto de Mós. 

Now let me introduce you to some of the race walkers:


Amaro Teixeira

He has been walking for almost a decade and seem to be the next Portuguese Champion, who knows.
Event 50km


Dionisio Ventura

This man is raced 50km in 3:59:28
Event 50km


Rui Coelho

Rui Coelha is going to be fast .
PB 1:27:48 20km
Event 35km

Let´s see who is going to finish the race and who is going to win theis years National Championship.

This time no woman will be racing 50km in Porto de Mós but 35km. I am very excited to see many of the race walkers and hopefully I get to interview a few again.

For more info about the program click here!!

If you do not find the time to visit Porto de Mós because you might be in Australia in an awesome  training camp and can´t see the competition life, I have to admit I do not know if  there will be a live-stream, I will let you know if there will be one.


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