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60-ish Seconds With Kristina

60-ish Seconds With Kristina

Bom dia,

Krisitna Saltanovic4-times Olympian (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012 ) also participated in many World- and European Championships during her racewalking career which is not over yet, She started in the age of 10 years at school and she is still racewalking. (age unknown, we do not want to be rude) 😉

I interviewed Kristina in Lisbon and one of my questions was how she managed to stay all those decades determined without ever thinking to quit. She responded, that racewalking has been all those years her engine, something that kept her going, made her feel alive, young and something that still makes her incredibly happy. That’s why she never stopped. 

Representing Lithuania at European and International competitions. she is living in Portugal and telling us in about 60-ish seconds which is not a lot, her plans for the next season, random facts and why she moved to Portugal. To make my life a bit easier I asked her to answer me in lithuanian (English subtitles incl.) one question she answered in English though. 

I am sure, we will see Kristina next season in many places all over Europe and maybe in China!

Now enjoy the video!

60-ish seconds with Kristina Saltanovic

Stay happy and good luck for the next season Kristina!

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