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60-ish Seconds With Perseus

60-ish Seconds With Perseus


Perseus Karlström a swedish racewalker, who I saw this year more than once raced in Grottammare at the Italian Racewalking National Championships. Even though I’ve seen him before it wasn’t until this time in Grottammare that we had had the chance to talk. I did not expect him to be there at all but to he was. I took advantage of the opportunity and interviewed him. Perseus, has been racwalking for around 20 years. He told me that Racewalking is the toughest sport.for him, even more difficult than running.

In about 60-ish seconds you get to know Perseus a tiny bit and I have to say what a charming man he is. Be aware!

I am pretty sure we gonna see a lot more of Perseus next season again and good luck in Melbourne!

Now enjoy the video!

60-ish seconds with Perseus Karlström

Stay chilled and good luck for the next season Perseus!

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