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60-ish Seconds With Kasia

60-ish Seconds With Kasia


Kasia Golba is a polish racewalker I met during the year quit often for example in PodebradyGdansk. and Nowa Deba just to mention a few. In all those places I chatted to her for a moment and in Gdansk, at the  Polish Post Racewalk Championship. I needed to interview her. She finished the 10km open race in 47m:28sec. She became 4th and just before she planned to dissappear on me I interviewed her.
She started racewalking around 15 years ago and recently discovered cross country running, her new passion. Chatting to her I found that she might not continue racewalking but it is still up in the air. I hope we get to see Kasia also next season again.

Now enjoy the video!

60-ish seconds with Kasia Golba

Stay awesome and good luck for the next season Kasia!

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  1. Kasia, you are famous! 🙂

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