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GP das Galinheiras 2017: 5, 3, 2, 1km Fe-Male

GP das Galinheiras 2017: 5, 3, 2, 1km Fe-Male

The competition started just a few minutes after I arrived it was almost like they waited for me. The GP das Galinheiras is a little competition with around 90 entries, ages 5 to 74, with 1-2-3 and 5km. I had only a few rounds to shoot nice pics and I tried my best but it was sunny which was wonderful and made this event even nicer than  it already was.

The man you see on the photo at the bottom is Jose – a former Portuguese pole vault record holder and the president/founder of the Cento de Atletismo das Galinheiras and organizer of this yearly event. Jose is an amazing man I got to meet him and exchanged a few words only, as my Portuguese is not fantastic and he was slightly stressed with the whole event as I can imagine. This was the 24th Edition of the GP das Galinheiras. Jose founded the club over 30 years ago, it first operated in his apartment, now the facilities I saw count with a couple of outdoor courts for the handball team and an indoor court too. From what I gathered, as Galinheiras is more than a club, the work that Jose and his team do is more of social workers. 
It is a wonderful community who is highly engaged into this project. 
After the race the club organizes a little gathering with yummy food for all participants, Jose’s wife is in charge of the cooking, I heard so many good things about her “canja” I was told it was the best in the world and was looking forward to try it, however, this year they had “caldo verde” instead, I guess I’ll have to come back next year to try it.
I hope this event continues for a s long as possible.
You can check the results at Blog O Marchador


Now enjoy the pictures! 

Remember if you click on the pics it takes you to FLICKR, where you can download them all.

5km Female

GP das Galinheiras - 5km Women

5km Male

GP das Galinheiras - 5km Men

3km Boys and Girls

GP das Galinheiras - 3km

2km Boys and Girls

GP das Galinheiras - 2km

1km Boys and Girls

GP das Galinheiras - 1km

Random Pictures

GP Das Galinheiras 2017 - Random

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