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60-ish Seconds With Brigita

60-ish Seconds With Brigita


I had the pleasure to meet Brigita at many races in many places.for example in PodebradyAlytus, Gdansk. just to mention a few.  In all those places I did not have the pleasure to talk to her until Gdansk, at the  Polish Post Racewalk Championship.. She finished the 10km open race in 44m:18sec and three minutes after I was talking to her.
She started racewalking as a teenager and never stopped since then.. The love to this sport is grand and she wants to come back to Poland, as always as possible at least until 40 and make friends all over the world. Brigita seems to be a very kind, decent, humble and powerful woman. 

After the interview she had to hurry to make it back to her hometown Alytus- Lithuania to compete at another race the next day. I am sure she won. 

Now enjoy the video!

60-ish seconds with Brigita Virbalyte

Stay cool and good luck for the next season Brigita!

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