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60-ish Seconds With Joanna

60-ish Seconds With Joanna


not to long ago I was in Gdansk at the Polish Post Racewalk Championship where I spoke to Joanna Bemowska. A women in her mid twenties who started her racewalking career quite a while ago. Her positivity and great humor makes her simply adorable.
That particular day I did not have a lot of time to chat with her but it was just anough time to show you guys what a great and funny woman she is. Joanna raced this year  DudincePodebrady, Nowa deba and Gdansk. just to mention a few but  in all those places I had the pleasure to talk to her but in Gdansk I wanted to capture it. I remember her telling me after the interview: “Jesus why all these questions, next time I want to know them in advance.” She was smiling and giving me a wink!
Her positivity makes you smile throughout the whole video I bet. I am sure you will enjoy the interview.

60-ish seconds with Joanna Bemowska

Stay awesome and good luck for the next season Jonna!

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