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Grottammare 2017: 50km Senior & 10km Masters

Grottammare 2017: 50km Senior & 10km Masters

I got up at 6:30 in the morning on a sunday  I got my little cappuccino had a lovely croissant and did not know what to expect. As ususal there is always something to expect as each race is different!  But there is not a lot to say about the 50 km race just that 2 out of 7 racewalkers finished. At first Stefano  CHIESA (4:15:01) crosssed the finishline and second Lucca  MONTOLEONE (4:22:11).
Leo ROMERO who was coming into the race for a 35km, dropped out with a happy face.
Some others weren’t too happy with the turnout, for example Lola who had to stop because of stomach ache and Niccolo Copini who stopped past km 30 with pain on his shins (if I understood correctly.)

I did not have the chance to talk to the others who didn’t finish.
You can be really well prepared but there needs to be a tiny thing to quit. I assume it depends on many factors if you gonna have a good or bad race. Though it motivates you to continue, not to give up and get better next race. 

I gotta be honest, it was the first time I’ve seen a racewalker with a guide. I know it’s “common” in running races but didn’t know it was possible with racewalking because of the technical implications.
That is all I can say! I think it is amazing how people motivate themselves and keep going and do what the love against all odds.


Now enjoy the pictures! 

Remember if you click on the pics it takes you to FLICKR, where you can download them all.

Throughout the whole day I proabably did not walk 50km but I bet it would have been 50km or more if I had these shoes with wheels at the bottom (see the pic below). They would be probably a really good tool for me to capture moving pictures even better and be faster than ever. As I am not a racewalker I still have to improvise I should put them on my wish list for Christmas which will be today in 2 months over. I love christmas and gifts and who doesn’t! As usual…….

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for the next pics!

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