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Grottammare 2017: 20+10 Km Boys & Girls

Grottammare 2017: 20+10 Km Boys & Girls

It was my first time in Grottammare and I wish I had stayed  longer than just 1 day. The beach, the palmtrees and the sound of the waves make this tiny town one of my top destinations of the season.  I remember most of the races are in towns, surrounded by bulidings/houses but this one was a bit different! After the race  I headed to Pescara which was not the smartest choice, but they had Ice-cream, which gave me goosebumps. Did I mention I love to eat? A shame I did not get to try the local sea food but probably next year!

The Italian Championships- Grottammare 2017


Now let’s get back to what really matters: Racewalking!
I still do not know if it is one or two words. Racewalking or Race walking! Anyone knows?

Anyway, the 10 and 20 km competitions were fast and really cool and I noticed that the fastest italian 20km racewalker walks just as fast as the 10km racewalker if we count per km;) Not really but close.
After the race I caught up with Perseus for a little interview (coming soon).

While the racewalkers raced 20 km I managed to walk 2 km which makes me officially still faster then a slug. Sometimes  I ask myself If I am as a photographer really too slow to take pics of you or if you are simply too fast for me. It has to be one or the other. 

Tomorrow 27.10.2017 @ 2pm: 50km Seniors + 10km Master! 
Stay tuned!

IF you have NOT yet seen our latest racewalking video, “EuTerKapm’17” a about a training camp in the mountains of Italy, then check it out now  incl. pics of the camp HERE! We are very proud of it and love sharing it with you! And since you are at it, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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