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Grottammare 2017: 3-2-1Km Boys & Girls

Grottammare 2017: 3-2-1Km Boys & Girls

First I want to say, if you have NOT yet seen our latest video, “EuTerKapm’17” a racewalking video about a training camp in the mountains of Italy, then you should watch it now and see the latest article incl. pics of the camp HERE!
We are very proud of it and love sharing it with you!
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The Italian Championships- Grottammare 2017

The 1,2 and 3km races where the last ones of the day and hence they´re my favorite moments of the day I decided to show them first. They are funny, cute & amazing at the same time. I am pretty sure the next Italian Champion is in one of these pictures!
To have the motivation at such young age and keep racewalking at a competition is fantastic and I envy these kids for their determination, I guess I am not the only one and I hope they continue with it, follow their passion and stop thinking what others might  think about them! 

I want to thank the Italian hospitality, especially Angelo Dichio and Vincenzo Ferretti  for beeing so kind and taking care of us! Italians are indeed wonderful and great hosts.
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Let’s start with our number ONES!

The 2 km competition was a really interesting race for me aswell because a young boy called  Francesco David from ECOSPORT in Montescaglioso was racing. I spend some time with him at the High Altitude Training camp “EuTerKamp’17” In Terminillo -Italy. So it was great to see him finish the race and very proud of him.

The 3 km racewalk comepetition was another highlight of my day because I saw two other young fellas racing Rocco Luigi CIARFAGLIA  and Pietro LOMONACO from Ecosport in Montascaglioso who were part of the trainingcamp “EuTerKamp’17” aswell. To my surprise one of them dropped out of the race in Grottammare but that’s part of beeing a racewalker. Grottammare was the final scene to a big project I am about to release soon. And the Oscar goes to…….! I am bit a head of myself! 😉

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