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An Italian Trainingcamp: EuTerKamp ’17

An Italian Trainingcamp: EuTerKamp ’17


Autumn started, winter – the mould wine time (my favorite time of the year) is coming quickly so now it’s time to remember the hot summer days. 
Summer appears but then simply disappears and within a few seconds we say “What a short summer”.
This regards only northerners though. Not people living at the Mediterranean sea.
Nevertheless summer just finished but mine was great and  I have done plenty of things. 
One thing was a visit to a High altitude racewalking training camp ≤1700m above sea level,  “EuTerKamp -’17” for almost three weeks. I tried to workout but it did not really work for me so I focused on other things like video-photography, the original plan.
“EuTerKamp -’17” is on the Terminillo mountain, close to a little town called Rieti, the gateaway to this fantastic destination Monte Terminillo, which is perfect not only for athletes but also unsporty people like me.

 I spent a fantastic  couple of days not just taking pics and videos of racewalkers and the surroundings but also eating like a pig. I entered a circle of homemade prepared food, which made this trip even more authentic than it already was. We had a fantastic chef, their amazing coach/chef Prof. Angelo Dichio who made me smile.
International racewalkers and Italian racewalkers from young to “old” participated on this camp. The workouts were hard but you stayed motivated thanks to the little gifts you received after (You should find out for yourself next year!)

EuTerKamp "17

Hiking the mountains and visiting waterfalls is another wonderful thing to do in this region but what really looks like people just race walking together turns into racewalkers becoming a little family. This training camp was a good experience for everybody (including me) they will rejoin next year and look for new members. You will love to eat what we ate and train hard where the racewalkers worked out! 

See for yourself in this video what you will do!

Enjoy 3 minutes of EuTerKamp" 17

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