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European Athletic Championship U23 – 20km Men


It felt good to be in the stadium as one of the first ones  when a technical problem came up. It took 5 minutes to fix the problem . I saw the excitement in each face and some smiles in between them Dominik Cerny from Slovakia he was bloody smiling all over the place and Zaharias form Greece aswell. The moments before the race are very important I heard because everyone goes through the whole race in their head before taking off.

In general the race went well although it got hotter with each minute and the drops of sweat were dripping a lot faster and the sponges were used each lap, even I used one!

As the race was over I had to admit again that I am a living catastrophe and I need to plan, look more at the time and start counting the laps. At the end of the race I was sprinting into the stadium cross over the track just before the first walker came in – I am glad it was not on camera, which I do not know. On top of that my card got full again and just to mention I had used two.

I said I learn from it and did I?


Because the same s*** happend just two hours later with the women again.

For now enjoy the pics, also please remember to tag me in it @aheartynomad and  #aheartynomad if you use this pictures on social media. Thanks a lot!

Try to find yourself!




Serkan Korkmaz


Diego Garcia
Manuel Bermudez
Ivan Lopez


Dominik Cerny
Miroslav Uradnik
Michal Morvay


Andrei Gafita


Helder Santos
Miguel Rodrigues



Fredrik Vaeng Rotnes


Ruslans Smolonskis



Bence Venyercsan
Soma Kovacs
Tomasz Bagdany


Andrea Agusti
Stefano Chiesa
Gianluca picchiottino


Karl Junghanns
Jonathan Hilbert
Nathaniel Seiler



Dzmitry Lukyanchuk
Anatoli homeleu


Zaharaias Tsmoudakis


Gabriel Bordier
Jean blancheteau
Fabian Bernabe



Dmytro Sobchuk


Medal Ceremony


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