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European Athletics U23 Women

Today, a week ago the European Athletic Championships U23 took place in Bydgoszcz – Poland and it was my first EAC ever. Guys, I loved it although I wasn’t VIP but still there was free coffee and twice a day some biscuits for all 52 photgraphers, press and makeup, in total we were around 70 people. The blue vest though was the most valuable to a photographer which gave me access to some areas but the light blue one which is the best best you could get I got to wear only 5 times which was not enough, anyway. One thing needs to be said: In the future I will shot all track and field events aswell.
After 4 days of watching different disciplines I have to admit though, Racewalking is the most interesting event compared to all the others, which are short and intense but Racewalking is long and intense.
As usual each event is an intensive course for me and this time I learned a lot more about sports photography. I am pleased with the results. I exchanged with many other photographers, asked for their advice and suggestions. Most of them are very nice but in general photographers are strange people so I feel right at home.
And now lets talk about Racewalking the reason why I actually visited the EAC 17.
This time the race started and ended in the stadium and the rest was racewalked outside it. It was as usual a bit stressful for me as I had to run a lot which I don’t like.
Well the race was supposed to start at 11 am but started 5 minutes earlier and believe me I can be on time if I have to and I was but I had to finish my “coffee” and the convo with an old racewalker.
All the professional photgraphers chose 2, 3 or maybe 4 spots and I like 101 or 102 obviously it is stressful for me and as usual I ran out of space so I missed 8 minutes of the race.
Good I did not forget the camera and I guess that day will come if I don’t stop drinking and pretending to be on holidays every day.

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Ladies first although it was not the case at the EAC 17. I make it right!


Zivile and Monika Vaiciukeviciute



Olga Niedzialek



Luca Cubanova


Viktoryia Rashchupkina


Ivana Renic


Emilia Lehmeyer
Saskia Feige


Klavdiya Afanasyeva


Eleonora Dominico
Diana Caccioti
Nicole Colombi


Rita Recsei


Edna Barros
Mara Ribeiro
Mariana Mota


Mihaela Acatrinei
Mihaela Puscasu


Lidia Sanchez-Puebla
Laura Garcia-Caro
Maria Perez


Mariya Filyuk
Tamara Havrylyuk


Danica Godov


Jale Basak


Medal Ceremony



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