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Bydgoszcz 2017: Who is coming?

The European Athletics U23 Championships in Bydgoszcz is the biggest one I ever attend to. Right now I am sitting in the media centre, going through the pics that I shot yesterday. Luckily I saw some racewalking faces aswell. Some recognized me and waved or came over  and chatted to me.

Volker one of the German coaches walked the track down to explain to  his Racewalkers the track.

Overall, this is the first event where I get to see all the athletics and it is amazing and I get to try new things out.

We are 52 photographers and only 12 are allowed to be on the infield, while the others have to be on the outfield. It is indeed very important to know where to go and where to shot. The photographer chief Marek showed me around and by coincidence I found out that he also was a Racewalker like 40 years ago. Now he is a photographer since 1975 and is delegating the photographers, so a well experienced man.

To be on the infield  I actually have to register to get closer which is totally different to all the other events I experienced in the past and it is important to know, because if you do not follow the rules you are OUT.  And it would be a shame because European Athletics finally registered me in their system. Another step in my career.

After all the reason I came is to see you! And as usual I do a post about  “Who is coming?” and I have picked 5 gals and 5 boys. I am so excited to see all of you again.

And now may I present you the finalist

Ladies first:


racewalking alytus 2017






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