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Polish National Championship Nowa Deba 2017

Polish National Championship Nowa Deba 2017

I just can not help it. Time has never been on my side but let me tell you that I will try again for the next time to publish earlier. I think I need to learn how to read the time I guess my watch is just useless.

Now let me tell you something about the race and I promise I’ll keep  it short.

The race was in the late afternoon on a Sunday.
Why Sunday?
Well I got explained that things turned out differently so the only option was this day. The reason was that Polish people love their BBQs on a Saturday, so Sunday turned out to be the perfect day and the race would start after church anyway.  Many people came and cheered for all the racewalkers.

Anyway it was a busy race with good weather,  happy  people and a track of 1040 meters.


Yes, 1040mts not 1000mts.  In that case the track had to be measured perfectly. The 5km started at a different spot and so did the 10km and 20km but all  finished at the official finish line.
Things worked out smoothly although no racewalker had a chip so they took the time the old-fashioned way.

I decided to do this time only one post about the race. I picked the “best” pics* and this is all I got but I still hope that some of you like it. Enjoy and I hope to see you soon again.

Lets start with the 5 and 10km competition. For more info about the times and places click HERE

5km & 10km


Groups 20km


The Blocki Brothers Adrian and Damian

Adrian Klonowski and Daniel Chojecki

Agnieszka Ellward with “D”  and Angelika Augustyn

Artur Brzozowski
Rafal Augustyn

Rafał Sikora  & Rafal Fedaczynski

Paulina Buziak & Olga Niedzialek


Lukas GDULA & Łukasz NOWAK

Jacek Cyngot & Dawid Tomala

Kamil Komarowski & Joanna Bemowska

To see all the  faces I saw in the past races, to meet other racewalkers I had not the chance to talk to before for example to Adrian Blocki and Rafal Sikora felt good. Seeing Agnieszka Ellward racing her PB, meeting her mom, probably the proudest mom I ever met and seeing Krzysztof Augustyn in a  new role as the presenter of the Polish Chamionships was a great experience and it made me feel like I slowly become part of this racewalking community. It was definitely worth it to come  to Nowa Deba although, I honestly wanted to cry the day I looked at my pics.
I almost did not publish because I was so devastated and unhappy with my work. Hence I went I had to show you what I got. As usual I tried some new settings that did not work out the way I planned it. I will  continue to shot pictures  as I am on my way to become the best sports photographer one day. You will see, literally.

Also a big thank to Grzegorz Sudol who was so kind and help me out, gave me insider tips, a VIP ticket and this great experience.

Dziekuje bardzo i do zobaczenia!

Stay tuned for more stuff throughout the next weeks.

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