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Polish National Championships: Who is coming?

Polish National Championships: Who is coming?

Welcome to Nowa Deba,

What?!  You’ve never heard about this place?
You Should remember this place!
Well this beautiful little town is located in the south of Poland about 183km east of Krakow and definitely  worth a visit especially for the National Championship in the discipline 20km racewalking.
At the moment I am located in Warsaw until the end of June so I decided to stick around travel south to Nova Deba and see my people racing. Although I have to admit being Polish my polish needs to be polished every once in a while I guess most of the racewalkers would agree, a reason why I am in Poland again.
Anyway right now I am sitting in the hotel restaurant in Nowa Deba having breakfast with many polish spacewalkers it should be racewalkers but the autocorrector tells me RACEWALKERS do not exist 🙁

So spacewalkers, as usual, I picked some racewalkers who’ll be racing at the Polish Championships in Nowa Deba, today. So get ready today at 17:30 Polish time Poland is watching to crown the next polish Champion and I am glad to be part of this.

I’ll feature the rest later on. Scroll down for the full entry list. And now,

May I introduce you to:

Stay tuned for more pictures the coming days. I promise I will not let you wait again. Good luck to all the polish racewalker did I mention Leo Romero, he will be also racing as the only international racewalker having a 10 km fun race. So good luck to Poland and to the one and only racewalker from Honduras!

Entry lists can be found here:

20km Men and Women  Polish National Championships

5km and 10km Men and Women Open Race 

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