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Alytus Racewalking Festival 2017: WARM UP

Alytus Racewalking 2017 has been holding the event for 43 years and this year was my first one. I had the pleasure to be part of it. As usual I shot some pictures of most racewalkers  althought I did not receive a pres-pass as a souvenir I was totally accepted into the circle and talked throughout the day to many racewalkers, judges and coaches.
Let me show how chilled most of the racewalkers were before the race.
I did not notice stress really.
All I saw was happy people, Suska from Poland showing her excitement, coach Bohdan cheering for his two pupils, Genadji taking it easy all the way and me knowing it will be a great race.

Now I am sitting in a cafe somewhere in Poland after getting a lift with Kamil Komarowski who was so kind to invite me for coffee with his family.  Afterwards  I made it to the city center of Bialystok sipping again on yet another coffee in a 7m2 cafe, writing this post and uploading the pics to publish this time faster than the usual.
So here you have the “warm up pics” of the Alytus Racewalking Festival 2017. 

Now some are getting a bit more excited.

Here you see people laughing right before the start.

See here the results of Alytus Racewalking  Festival 2017

Stay tuned for more!


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