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GP Catones, La Coruña – Pre-Race Looks

GP Catones, La Coruña – Pre-Race Looks

As I mentioned on my previous post, I couldn’t go to La Coruña but our correspondent was there to capture some moments of the race.
I wanna thank Antonio for the great job he did.
I’m sorting all the pics now, today I’ll just share some amazing shots he took of some of you before the racewalking competition  started.
Hope you enjoy them.

Part of the Mexican team getting ready their refreshment table.

Caio Sena tuning up minutes before the race


A penny for their thoughts

And some smiles…

Part of the Ecuadorian squad

A helping hand fixing the numbers is always appreciated

Minutes before the gun…

And here’s probable my favorite sequence, even though one is blurry, but I HAD to post it. I would love to know what they were laughing at. So please, if you are reading this, share it with us…

Tomorrow I’ll post the action shots, so stayed tuned.

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