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GP Catones, La Coruña – Who is Coming?

GP CaNtones, La Coruña – Who is Coming?

This time around I won’t be able to be there personally, but I’m lucky enough to have a friend to cover the race.
His name is Antonio, and he’ll be taking pictures (nicer than mine I’m sure). I’m dying to say it, so I’ll say it, he’s our correspondent in Spain. Unpaid of course, just like my assistant, fact of which I shouldn’t brag, but I do anyway.
But now to what’s important.
Spain is holding tomorrow probably the most crucial race of the season before the World Championships in London.
Gran Premio Cantones, La Coruña, is gonna be the last chance for about 150 athletes to qualify for London.
Here’s a promo video:

Link is gonna take you to Facebook.

I’ve heard the circuit is really fast and the weather is gonna be really nice. I envy our Spanish correspondent, La Coruña is a nice place to visit and to eat. I’ll miss the “Polbo á feira” (octopus with papikra and olive oil).

Source: Wikipedia

As usual I picked 10 racewalkers at random, some of them I know personally, the others, this time I won’t have the chance to meet but I wish them luck, just like every one else obviously.
Scroll down for more info regarding the race.

The full entry list can be found HERE
This is the Official Website 
Follow this  YOUTUBE link  to see the live streaming of the race, which starts at 6:30PM Spanish time.

The next stop will be the Alytus Racewalking Festival, so stay tuned.

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