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European Racewalking Cup: 10km Girls

European Racewalking Cup: 10km Girls

This is the last post  of the  ” European Racewalking Cup 2017″ series and it was also the last race of the day. I have to say by the end of that day I was as tired as every racewalker but I was looking forward to the party afterwards with lovely beer, wonderful people, some dancing and laughing.

That’s what I looked

I have to say it felt like on my last pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago and the day I walked 50km which took me 15 hours and I managed to lose the pair of shorts I was wearing, but I did and I didn’t care. All that mattered was arriving in town for the “pulpo festival”.
I was mentally gone and that is how I felt for a bit after the last race, luckily this time I ended the ended with all my clothes on.
My feet hurt I had back pain, sun burnt and felt 5kg lighter which I wasn’t. So much for positive thinking.

Still fluffy….

Well I had lots of fun during and after the races.
Just so you know I am going to Alytus next week and I can not wait for another European Racewalking Cup, this time in Alytus 2019.
So ladies and Gentleman it was a pleasure to be part of this European Racewalking Cup.
It was brilliant, you are awesome!

Last but not least, the ladies racing 10km under the age 20. Enjoy!



177 – Zurek Teres
176 – Richter Julia
176 – Richter Julia


164 – Smerdova Yan


191 – Drygalska Zuzanna
190 – Cetnarska Małgorzata
192 – Kowalska Agata


170 – Mandel Angela


202 – Khusayinova Darya
200 – Byelova Kseniya
201 – Chernukha Iryna


172 Aurriere Camille
173 – Terrec Eloise


198 – Bekmez Meryem
199 – Tekdal Ayşe



188 – Russo Annalisa
187 – Mirabello Anthea
186 – Mirabello Angelica



167 – Chamosa Antia
168 – Montejo Irene
169 – Peña Marina



178 – Alikanioti Sofia
180 – Vaítsi Athanasía
179 – Bohóri Dímitra



182 – Dimanopulosz Daphne
181 – Csörgö Dóra
183 – Komoroczy Laura


171 – Nurmi Enni


195 – Botez Andra Elena


193 – Costa Carolina
194 – Reis Inês

Great Britain

174 – Davey Molly Jade


185 – OConnor Orla
184 – OConnor Niamh


196 – Hačundová Ema
197 – Žárska Klaudia


189 – Kavaliauskaitė Austėja

Czech Republic

Thank you very much to the organization Team, the photo/ media team and everyone else who supported me during the race and let it happen. It was a pleasure to meet al of you.  See you next year!


Award Ceremony


Thanks for stopping by and good luck in La Coruna!

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