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European Racewalking Cup: 10km Boys

European Racewalking Cup: 10km Boys

Yesterday I biked about 60km today I am shattered and not able to move.
I’m still regretting that outburst of “fitness” I had, but that fight between the mirror and my inner hippo is brutal.
I love to eat and staying at my parents for a season hasn’t been good for my gravitational pull.

Breakfast are always hearty and the cakes! Ohh the cakes! I just can’t say no.But then my clothes start to get extra tight, buttons fly when I sit down and that when the fitness’ outbursts come.

Gotta get in shape before lunch!

I envy all of you who have the willpower to stay fit and walk every day to achieve your goal you set for yourself or the coach.
Back when I was under 20, and 30kg lighter, I practiced sports and had the body of a Baywatch character.

I wasn’t always the fluffy guy you’ve met, but enough about me!
Here are some pics of the best racewalkers under 20. Enjoy!



218 – Köpp Leo
217 – Frenzl Johannes
219 – Stramka Jan


203 – Kaliada Mikita
204 – Kuzmich Stanislau


231 – Niedziałek Łukasz
230 – Goławski Robert
232 – Wiater Michał



211 – Sergatsjov Rusla



243 – Shumik Viktor
244 – Zabuzhenko Eduard
242 – Kononenko Viktor


215 – Kuster David
213 – Bournier Justin
214 – Gognies Ryan


240 – Imük Abdulselam
239 – Danis Abdulaziz
241 – Temel Umut

Czech Republic

205 – Libnar Vojtěch


223 – Brandi Giacomo
227 – Orsoni Riccardo
225 – Finocchietti Davide


209 – Pérez José Manuel
207 – Conesa Pedro
208 – Jimeno Daniel


236 – Bonzon Nathan


220 – Sárossi Bálint
222 – Varga Dávid
221 – Tóth Norbert


212 – Hava Joni


234 – Mangu Stefan Cristian
235 – Rotaru Natanael

Great Britain

216 Snook Christopher


238 – Kubiš Ľubomír
237 – Kováč Daniel


228 – Juozaitis Paulius
229 – Rudenka Arminas



Thanks for stopping by and until tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the pics.

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I hope you enjoy the pics and if you like the pictures and you share them on Instagram or Facebook/ Twitter or wherever, tag me in it @aheartynomad or use #aheartynomad in the hashtags . If you wish to see more share, comment and follow A Hearty Nomad on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by and until next time my friends! I appreciate your support! Thank you very much!





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