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European Racewalking Cup: Men 50km

European Racewalking Cup: Men 50km

That morning I was totally wrecked.
Let me guide through my trip to Podebrady.
The night before I boarded the bus from Hamburg to Prague, we were supposed to leave at 11:45PM but didn’t leave till 11:58PM, 13 minutes delay, unacceptable, we are in Germany!

But then we arrived 14 minutes before schedule, so no need to file a complain.

Never been a morning person…

When I was younger I was used to travel long distance because my family lived in Poland so I travelled overnight on a regular basis.
The bus was packed with guys on their way to a bachelor party weekend, full of alcohol and other things in Prague. They were pre-gaming on the bus.
I thought I was gonna able to sleep but obviously it wasn’t meant be.

Woof. woof. woof…

When we stopped in Dresden a lot of people got off the bus, and a glimmer of hope with came to me. I was ready to catch 2-3 hours of sleep.
But then 20 girls got on, they didn’t stop talking all night.
It’s a good thing I don’t carry my gun, cuz I’d be writing this from jail.
I vowed then not to take a night bus ever again.

Luckily the next day at 8 am the press room had coffee for free and snacks including. So I can not complain, specially now that I’m gonna share the pictures of the 50km, feels so wrong to complain about anything to someone who walks almost 4 hours and pee in sponges.
Which by the way, I have plenty of questions about those sponges, but that’s for another post.
As for now enjoy the pics!

Erent Bruno – 1

Czech Republic
Gdula Lukáš – 2

Ojala Aleksi – 9


Molmy Damien – 10


Seiler Nathaniel – 13
Junghannß Karl -12
Dohmann Carl – 11


Tokodi Dávid – 15
Srp Miklós – 14


Boyce Brendan – 16


Antonelli Michele – 19
Caporaso Teodorico – 20
Agrusti Andrea – 17
Tontodonati Federico – 22


Mastianica Artur – 23


Isidro Pedro – 24


Stirbu Florin Alin – 25


Hansson Anders – 26
Karlström Remo – 28
Ibáñez Ato – 27


Arcilla Francisco – 3
Pajuelo Iván – 6
Corchete Luís Manuel – 4
Sánchez Benjamín – 7


Banzeruk Ivan – 29
Hlavan Ihor – 30
Zakolnytskyy Maryan – 32
Hrechkovskyy Andriy – 31



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