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European Racewalking Cup: Women 20km

European Racewalking Cup: Women 20km

First of all,  I’m sorry for the delay.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
As I told you on my last post, everything technological breaks on me, and now my computer is partially gone, so it’s taking me longer to sort pictures out.
But luckily I found myself an assistant, I feel bad for saying it, but I’m basically exploiting a retired citizen aka my dad.

I’ll print a tag and a desk nameplate for him.

Just picture it, I was desperate last week, overwhelmed by the amounts of pictures and by what puts food on the table (my job), I needed help but can’t afford to pay.
I saw my dad there after breakfast, watching Prison Break, and bang! It downed on me, I could hire my dad for an unpaid internship.
I sweet talked him into it and he bit the bait.
Now he’s working for me.

Granted, it wasn’t easy, he’s always been reluctant to use fancy gadgets, I got him a smart phone about 2 years ago and he only uses it for WhatsApp and recently for Instagram, I’m the only person he follows and I think he often forgets about it because once a month I get 100 notifications that he’s liked my pictures.

But then is just my dad liking my posts

So I taught him how to use the photo editor to delete the blurry pics and those he judged not to be decent pictures. I gotta admit he’s doing a great job.
Maybe I’ll have to hire him once he’s done with the internship.

Now enjoy the pictures of the ladies’ race.



Andrea Scheibl 33
Kathrin Schulze 34
Lena Ungerböck 35



Rashchupkina Viktoryia – 37
Darazhuk Nadzeya – 36
Rodzkina Nastassia – 38


Lehmeyer Emilia – 54



Tipukina Anna – 45


Neuvonen Elisa – 46


Menuet Emilie – 49
Quennehen Marine – 50
Baudoin Corinne – 47
Beretta Clemence – 48


Great Britiain

Davies Bethan – 52
Bridge Gemma – 51
Lewis Heather – 53



Drisbióti Antigóni – 55
Tsinopoúlou Panayióta – 56
Zapounídou Déspina – 57


Kovács Barbara – 58
Récsei Rita – 59
Torma Anett – 60


Di Vincenzo Sibilla – 62
Colombi Nicole – 61
Trapletti Valentina – 65
Palmisano Antonella – 64



Pastare Agnese – 66



Virbalytė-Dimšienė Brigita – 70
Vaiciukevičiūtė Živilė – 69
Vaiciukevičiūtė Monika – 68
Saltanovič Kristina – 67


Golba Katarzyna – 73
Niedziałek Olga – 74
Bemowska Joanna – 71
Buziak Paulina – 72


Cabecinha Ana – 75
Ribeiro Mara – 77


Rodean Ana Veronica – 80
Acatrinei Mihaela – 78
Puscasu Mihaela – 79


Laura Polli – 82


Topić Dušica – 81


Cano Amanda – 39
Sánchez-Puebla Lidia – 43
Pérez Mária – 41
García-Caro Laura – 40


Čubaňová Lucia – 84


Myronchuk Valentyna – 89
Mizernyuk Olena – 88


I hope you enjoy the pics and if you like the pictures and you share them on Instagram or Facebook/ Twitter or wherever, tag me in it @aheartynomad or use #aheartynomad in the hashtags . If you wish to see more share, comment and follow A Hearty Nomad on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by and until next time my friends! I appreciate your support! Thank you very much!

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  1. impressing photos… and I hope #47 was just exhausted and there is nothing seriously wrong…

    1. Hey thanks a lot for the compliment obviously I am still learning how to handle the camera. Some poeple walking through the finish line just simply switsch off the engine. It is dramatic and everyone worries but then you see them later dancing on the dancefloor “hopefully”. How you doing?

      1. glad they all are troopers… I think I couldn’t dance the same day… maybe after a year or two… LOL

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