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Podebrady European Racewalking Cup: 20km Men

Podebrady European Racewalking Cup: 20km Men

It is Wednesday , now Thursday, and I have to say I have sorted out only the 20km men.
I think I need an assistant.
This is just taking ages but here we go.
So far I have sorted the pics into the teams and hope you like them.
Now let me pour my heart out, pull a chair and hear me cry.

I bought this camera right before the race in Dudince, bought the best camera my budget could get.

The click sound isn’t a click, it’s a Moo!

But it has too many settings and me being me, decided to play with the setting the day before this race, the European Racewalking Cup (I know, best timing and best decision ever!) went out and took a couple of pics, went back to hotel and uploaded them to my modern computer and let me tell you, they were CRAP.

It has a 2mb memory

I had a panic attack because I couldn’t figure out what went wrong (I know what went wrong, I touched the settings lol), but couldn’t get the settings back to where they were and as a results not even with the automatic mode I could take half decent pics.

Anyway, now I gotta get a new computer, I think after sorting over 5,000 pics on this I’ll check myself into a rehab clinic, because my anxiety is killing me and I’m stress eating my weight and half in chocolate daily as a result.

That’s exactly how I am now

But enough of my drama, now let’s move to what’s dire and enjoy the pics, totally unedited.
If you choose to use them don’t forget to give me a shout out.


Belarus /ANA


Shirobokov Sergey – 90 (ANA)
Dziubin Dzmitry – 91
Liakhovich Aliaksandr – 92
Zalesski Yauheni – 93

Czech Republic

Vít Hlaváč


Losev Iva – 163
Budza Serhiy – 160
Kovenko Andriy 162


Koivunen Elmo – 103
Partanen Veli-Matti – 104


Campion Kevin – 107
Bernabe Fabian 105
Blancheteau Jean – 106

Great Britain

Bosworth Tom – 109
Wilkinson Callum – 112
Corbishley Cameron – 110
King Dominic – 111


Linke Christopher – 115
Brembach Nils – 113
Pohle Hagen – 116
Hilbert Jonathan – 114


Papamihaíl Aléxandros – 117


Venyercsán Bence – 121
Bagdány Tomasz – 118
Kovács Soma – 119
Rácz Sándor – 120


Rubino Giorgio – 130


Wright Alex – 125
Heffernan Robert – 123
McManamon Cian – 124


Smolonskis Ruslans – 134
Saulgriezis Raivo – 133
Gjačs Edgars – 131
Salenieks Aigars – 132


Šuškevičius Tadas – 136
Kozlovskij Genadij – 135
Žiūkas Marius – 137


Røtnes Fredrik Vaeng – 139
Haukenes Håvard – 138


Sikora Rafał – 144
Jelonek Jakub – 143
Błocki Damian – 141
Brzozowski Artur – 142


Vieira João – 146
Carvalho Miguel – 145


Gafita Andrei – 148
Cocioran Marius – 147
Mihaila Narcis – 149


Tacir Ersin – 159
Atli Mert – 156
Dogan Serkan – 157


Flórez Alex – 150



Rízek Milan – 152
Úradník Miroslav – 154
Majdán Dušan – 151



López Miguel Ángel – 98
García Diego – 97
Bermúdez Manuel – 96
Martin Alvaro – 99


Karlström Perseus – 155


Losev Ivan – 163
Budza Serhiy – 160
Kovenko Andriy – 162
Kazanin Oleksiy – 161


Just a question remains…

I hope you enjoy the pics and if you like the pictures and you share them on Instagram or Facebook/ Twitter or wherever, tag me in it @aheartynomad or use #aheartynomad in the hashtags . If you wish to see more share, comment and follow A Hearty Nomad on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by and until next time my friends! I appreciate your support! Thank you very much!



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