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Euro Cup Podebrady 2017 – 20km Finish Line

Euro Cup Podebrady 2017 – 20km Finish Line

Wow what an event!
Coming into this race I knew it was going to be big, but wasn’t prepared at all.
The previous events, including the race in Podebrady on April 8th, were more “casual”, I got used to get really close to the athletes and to talk to them, but this time was different.
I even was warned that I had to remain with all the other photographers, in a 1m² area, if you know me, that’s basically how wide  I am.

That’s my case.

But because I didn’t want to be removed, I respected the rules and squeezed in with the professional photographers.

I felt out of place.

Anyway, I can not imagine how it feels but it must feel amazing to walk through the finish line.
Just about month and a half ago in Podebrady I did not even know who Christopher Linke was(he was the winner then to) and yesterday after the race we had a nice conversation and he was so kind to invite me to a Rhubarb wine, yep you are reading right, I had a glass of wine with the current European Champion.

Being at the finish line you get to see all kind of emotions, from the ecstasy of winning or having achieved their goal, to the sadness and disappointment because that day things didn’t go according to plan.
Racewalkers walk 10, 20 or 50km, once they cross that line,  their engine switches off and they just wanna be carried away…

So this was my 5th race and my first European Cup, I had fun but I must admit it was more stressing than the previous races and I have tons to learn.
I probably walked over 90km that day and my finish line was the buffet at the closing party.

As for now, enjoying a couple of pictures, I’ll sort out the rest once I’m home, I’m still in Podebrady.

The Female Top 3

Antonella Palmisano – Italy
Ana Cabecinha – Portugal
Laura Garcia Caro – Spain

I didn’t manage to capture all the girls crossing the finish line, but here are some of them.

The Male Top 3

Christopher Linke – Germany
Miguel Angel Lopez – Spain
Persus Karlstrom – Sweden

Same with the guys, wish I could have captured all of them finishing but couldn’t.

Now if you excuse me I’m gonna throw this computer from the castle tower, because it’s taking me ages to sort pictures and can’t even add a watermark or “retouch” the pictures.

Someone is testing me

Before I forget, here’s the link to the complete results including laps:
European Racewalking Cup, Podebrady 2017 – Results

Now just one question…

I hope you enjoy the pics and if you like the pictures and you share them on Instagram or Facebook/ Twitter or wherever, tag me in it @aheartynomad or use #aheartynomad in the hashtags . If you wish to see more share, comment and follow A Hearty Nomad on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by and until next time my friends! I appreciate your support! Thank you very much!

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