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Racewalking Euro Cup 2017: Who is coming?

Racewalking Euro Cup 2017: Who is coming?

It will be my second time in Podebrady and I am bloody excited!
All the racewalkers and the coaches I’ve talked to told me; “You should go to the European Racewalking Cup in Podebrady, it will be a big event you need to come!”
So I decided to go for it booked a room and my ticket.

It was really easy to convince me

The last race in Podebrady were fantastic and the weather was good so lets hope for the same this time.
As usual I checked the entry list a few days ago and decided to do one of these posts again on “Who is coming?”, pick and feature 10 racewalkers at random, so here we go, we’ll start with Alvaro Martin, from Spain. I met his Mother and sister in Rio by mere coincidence, we shared a drink and lovely “bolinhos de feijoada” at a place in Santa Teresa.
Scroll all the way down for the full list of participants.

The last time I was in Podebrady, I didn’t have time to see much of the town. Other than the park where the race is.
I’ll try to see more this time, hopefully make it to the river or even to the Spa ( in my dreams!).
I hope I get the chance to talk not only with these10 racewalkers, but to all the rest. There’ll be over 226 racewalkers from 26 countries.
I still hope to talk to you and to get to meet you.

The full entre list of all participants of the European Racewalking Cup can be found HERE

Apparently there’ll be an online broadcast of the race, available to all countries in the world.
So click here (available only the day of the race, it’s live) ONLINE BROADCAST 
Here’s more info about the race, including timetable.


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  1. oh I hopeyou will find the time to talk with other race walkers and there is also time for some sight seeing… and for good food :O)

    1. There is always time for some good food. I love vienamese food in Prag and I discovered in Podebrady a really nice little place too. So I was totally satisfied. Have you ever been to Podebrady?

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