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Bratislava: Learning How To Cook

Bratislava: Learning How To Cook

Imagine cooking with strangers. No, I don’t mean inviting them over to your house where you cook for them like the “Das Perfekte Dinner” (a German show) and everyone rates your food in the end, but going somewhere to cook with a group of strangers. That’s exactly what I did in Bratislava, the best choice of that week, a cooking class with Chefparade.

A group of 7 me including plus the Chef, everyone cooking in couples, me mainly drinking, we had one mission and this was  to indulge ourselves with delicious food and hopefully learning how to cook it.
On the menu:
Spring rolls
Homemade burger New York style
Chicken lollipops served with a peanut salad with coriander chutney
Churros with “chilli”-chocolate sauce.
Yep Sounds fantastic right? That’s why I decided to go for it.

I gotta confess I wasn’t too excited about the burger and churros. Burgers are the most things to cook and churros, well, I lived in the Spain for a long time and didn’t want to be disappointed.
But I was in for a surprise, I actually cooked the most delicious burger I’ve ever had in my life, that is because I learned how to make an onion kind of jam and the way the meat was prepared, just delicious.
I wish I could share the recipe with you, but that’s a secret that only Michael aka Burger Guru, should reveal (and I forgot to take notes).

My second favourite thing was the actual desert and I am not joking that the Slovakian Churros tasted million times better than the real Churros from Spain
I could not stop eating them. Once there were out of the frying pan they landed straight into my mouth, dipped in chocolate cream and sprinkled with that magic dust.
Until today I still do not understand why dessert has to come last.
I crave dessert normally before dinner in between but also after.

Did I mention the chicken lollipops?
They taste better than normal drumsticks.
It was a bit macabre to slide the meat backwards off  the bone to the other side but they tasted delicious because we marinated them also for a bit in a garlic, ginger, chilli paste made by us.

In this class I learned some secrets that I love to use in the future if iI just had my own kitchen to do so. But if not I just go out for lovely dinner to some friends or do another class at Chefparade in Bratislava and you should too, you won’t regret.

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  1. Yum!! Chicken lollipops and Slovakian churros!?
    Any place in the city centre to get the best Bratislava churros? I’ll only be there for half a day – gotta make it count. ?

    1. Hey Jolene, how are you? Well the Churros you wont get anywhere unless you make them by yourself or with them. Walking up to the castle and walk along the waterfront is a must. You should also see the oldtown by night, it is mystical and a bit spookey but It is a very very pretty little city. Oh and if you fid the time eat lots of cake. There are many places I can recommend but one in particular. I just need to look it up. Do you like cakes? They are bloody delicious. When will you go?

      1. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m sure I will be trying all the delicacies along the way. Will be there next month. Can’t wait! ?

        1. Nice I am sure you will have fantastic weather. Summer in Europe can be very nice, maybe not as nice as an Asutralian one but still beatuiful. What is your destination you look forward to the most on this trip?

          1. Yes I still remember my summer there last year… I have very fond memories of Copenhagen. There is a saying that you leave the best til last. I guess I will have to say Copenhagen. ?

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