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Naumburg Racewalking 2017 : 10km Boys & Girls

Naumburg Racewalking 2017 : 10km Boys & Girls

You may be thinking I forgot about you but I did not.
The 10km were always in the back of my mind but beer got on the way.
It was my dad’s 60th birthday and Hamburg’s Harbour Birthday.
Two Big events I could  not miss and with age the hangovers last longer than expected so please…


…excuse me for not being on top of things!
The race was a while ago but to be honest, who does not like to look back and think OMG it feels like ages….. Well, it does!

as usual ladies first ….!

208 Teresa Zurek
207 Julia Richter
204 Julia Henze
206 Julina Mahr
201 Katharina Wax
202 Mikkeline Brill
203 Carolin Kirchner
205 Luci Salva
220Josefin Greiff

…and now the gentelmen!

215 Otto Junghannß
219 Robert Zurek
213 Johannes Frenzl
217 Franz Leopold
221 Marcin Reumann
209 Christopher Knoblauch
212 Niklas Richter
211 Niclas Budek
210 Leo Köpp
218 Jakob Johannes Schmidt

and last but not least the finish line…

Well that was the last post about Naumburg Racewalking I guess but be patient I see you all in Podebrady again! But for now I need a rest!
I feel a bit like this…

Naumburg Racewalking A Hearty Nomad

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