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Naumburg Racewalking 2017 : No. 1’s

Naumburg Racewalking 2017 : No. 1’s

The last race of the day in Naumburg was the 1km race with kids and handicapped. And I have to admit I am always looking forward to this type of races as they really make me happy and it is so much fun to observe the kids. It is like they are walking for their life and when they make  it through the finish line it is the best. Most of them cry and just want to be with Mom. It is so cute and makes me say aw…

Enjoy the pictures of the little racewalkers &
the handicapped racewalkers

173 Frederik Fromm
179 Hannes Lepping

Josie Rößler 164
Pia Ulrich 166

Nick Apitz 171

Henriette Praters 180

Benjamin Golle 161

Charlotte Petring 162

Laura Sophia Völkel 167

Emma Rieß 163

Alexander Tust 184

The Finish line

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