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Racewalking Naumburg 2017 3 & 5KM!

Racewalking Naumburg 2017 3 & 5KM!

That day was really good and I got some nice pictures. I also got the chance to talk with Steve Allen who was really interested in how I got into racewalking. We exchanged ideas and had a nice chat. As you know I am an outsider and up to last year I had no clue about racewalking and I still have no clue about but it but I am keen to learn more and more and get to know all of you step by step somewhere in the world at the next race. The racewalking community is really special and I am looking forward to become part of it. Being at these races I get to meet different kinds of people from coaches to fans and each one of us has its own story that I am looking forward to hear one day.
But for now enjoy the pics!

Right before the start!

Right at the start line a wonderful mix

A few racewalkers sticked together until the took off before the finish line.

SOme Individuals

Emily Boll 143

Katharina Diecken 145
Michaela Fromm 174
Nina Dethloff 102

Kylie Garreis 147

Yvonne Bonneß 101

Martin Unterholzner 122

Martin Warstat151

Melanie Thielemann 127

Josephine Alisa Grande 133

Uwe Schröter 117

Lena Riedel 111

Nico Arnhold 141

Henriette Wolf 126

Constanze Golle 104

Clara Klein 106

129 Amina Aletic
103 Jordis Ecking
130 Yasmin Ulbrich

Franziska Spanner 118
Gerhard Langner 107

Steve Allen 134 – UK
Nancy Patten 110
Brit Schröder 116
Heinz-Jürgen Mittmann 109
Udo Schaeffer 61

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  1. Seeing your pictures is the next best being there RaceWalking. Where I am at in the USA, RaceWalking is not understood by most. They think it just funny walking, not as challenging as running. I wish one day to race with these fellow RaceWalkers.

    1. Hey Albert,a bit late, I hope it is not to late for a response, sorry. Lets hope thing change in the future. Many people do not value this type of sports and I do not understand why but hey we can change it with this website a bit. Lets hope your dream becomes true. Since when are you racewalking?

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