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Racewalking Naumburg 2017 Water please!

Racewalking Naumburg 2017 Water please!

As most of you know I love the water station and for me it’s also the funniest part as everyone makes funny faces. I love the moment when the racewalkers drink out of the bottle and  look into the camera like the have been spotted they did something wrong. I took loads of pictures realizing that I do not have from all of you guys. I am very sorry about that.

But here are some pics of a few racewalkers, so enjoy!


Nathaniel Seiler 22 (Germany)

Helga Dräger 70 and Günter Evertz 40 (Germany)

Monika Müller 64 – (Germany)

Luis Amaur Bustamente Franco 8 (Mexico) 

 José Leyver Ojeda Blas 7 (Mexico)

Steffen Borsch 24 (Germany)

Annelies Sarrazin 78 (Belgium)

Alejandro Francisco Florez 6 (Switzerland)

& Hagen Pohle 17  (Germany)

Lorenzo Dessi 2 (Italy)

Cristian David Berdeja Villavicencio 4 (Mexico) 

Denis Franke 28 (Germany)

Steffen Meyer 30 (Germany)

Rick Listing 80 (Netherlands)

Steffano Mansutti 5 (Italy)


Hermann-Josef Stefes 13 (Germany)

Nils Brembach 16  & Christopher LInke 18 (Germany)

Maria Dolores Marcos Valero alias Lola 3 (Spain)

Lisbeth Silva 75 (Mexico)

Stefan Nißl 34 (Germany)

Bernd Hölters 50 (Germany)

Emilia Lehmeyer 59 (Germany)

Heidrun Neidel 67 (Germany)

Horst Kiepert 43 (Germany)

Andreas Janker 11 (Germany)

Med Elfateh Meddour 84 (Algeria)

Saskia Feige 60 (Germany)

Kathrin Schulze 114 (Germany)

Leo Romero 82 (Honduras)

Udo Münster 33 (Germany)
Erin Taylor-Talcott 74 (USA)
Stefan Werner 32 (Germany)j
Julia Takacs 77 (Spain)
Daimer Nischan 29 (Germany)

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