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Naumburg Racewalking 2017: 20km

Naumburg Racewalking 2017: 20km

As you know each race is different, you feel different, it is a different location, different people, different weather, different mood and most of it is different each time and for me it was different as well.

I get to meet  new people see different places,  capture a different face with a tear or a smile from a new racewalker I have not met yet. It is always great to see and experience the differences in all those places but also to see familiar faces again.  For now enjoy the individual pictures and stay tuned for more. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

During the race I noticed this gentleman and found out that he was born in 1935. His name is Alfred Daske  and he participated in the 20 km. competition This is fantastic and I envy this gentleman a lot. Chapeau Alfred Daske you are amazing so are all of you.

aLFRED dASKE 55 (Germany)

Naumburg Racewalking 2017

Andreas Janker 11 (Germany)

Jonathan  Hilbert 12 (Germany)

Carl Dohmann 14 (Germany)

Franceso-Marco Tommasino 15 (Germany)

Nils Brembach 16  & Christopher LInke 18 (Germany)

Hagen Pohle 17(Germany)

 Marius Richter 20 (Germany)

Nathaniel Seiler 22 (Germany)


Steffen Borsch 24 (Germany)

Thorsten Fern 25 (Germany)

Joachim Maier 27 (Germany)

Nischan Daimer 29 (Germany)

Denis Franke 28 (Germany)

Steffen Meyer 30 (Germany)

Stefan Nißl 34 (Germany)

 Werner Schaller 37 (Germany)

 Georg Haugner 38 (Germany)

Christoph Höhne 53 (Germany)

Han Holtslag 81 (Netherlands)

Günter Evertz 40 – Horst Kiepert 43

 Peter Schumm 51 (Germany)

 Uwe Tolle 41 (Germany)

Josef Berzl 44 &
Robert Mildenberger 42 (Germany)

Wolfgang Hammer 45 – Bernd Affeln 46 &

Felix Maier 47 (Germany)

Richard Maichin 48  – Rainer Lorscheider 49 &

Bernd Hölters 50 (Germany)


 Holger Flassnöcker 54 (Germany)

Stefan Werner 32 (Germany)

Med Elfateh Meddour 84 (Algeria)

Karl Junghannß 21 (Germany)

Udo Münster 33 (Germany)

Leo Romero 82 (Honduras)

Hermann-Josef Stefes 13 (Germany)

Rick Listing 80 (Netherlands)

Annelies Sarrazin (Belgium)

 Helga Dräger 70 (Germany)

Kathrin Schulze 114 (Germany)

Erin Taylor-Talcott 74 (USA)

Julia Takacs 77 (Spain)


Saskia Feige 60 (Germany)

Pauline Bartz 58 (Germany)

Vasylyna Vitovhchyk 76 (Ukraine)

Ursula Herrendoerfer 72 (Germany)

Lisbeth Silva 75 (Mexico)

Anne Van Andel  79 (Netherlands)

Heidrun Neidel 67 (Germany)

Marion Fuchs 66 (Germany)

Giesela Theunissen 71 (Germany)

Andrea Maier 63 (Germany)

Emilia Lehmeyer 59 (Germany)

Ursula Klink 68 (Germany)

Monika Müller 64 – Brigitte Patrzalek 65 &
Margarete Molter 69 (Germany)

Thanks for stopping by and until tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the pics. If you like to see more share, comment and follow A Hearty Nomad on Facebook.

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  1. the weather was not the best… hope it wasn’t as cold as it was here… but nevertheless you have still the BEST legs :o)

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